I discovered more about my lingering thyroid and gut health issues than I have in years of GP and specialist appointments


I have fixed my skin rash and my inflammed immune system


Showing us how to live an intuitive life in real time has been invaluable!



Phase 2: Become Your Own Medical Intuitive

Phase 3: Integrate Medical Intuition Into Your Busy Life

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This option is perfect for you if you love learning on your own, are self-disciplined and a finisher. This is also the ideal option if you just want to gain the prerequisite certificate so you can apply for Medical Intuition Practitioner Training.

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AYIH Content Library

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The shift was so huge I was shocked


The constant anxiety has left my chest


It truly has been life-changing


I've read so many books on the intersection between Science and Spirituality, but when I saw Emma Turton live I was blown away by the depth of her wisdom, passion and ability to communicate such a complex subject in such an easy-to-understand way. Emma is a spiritual leader, a true master in her field, and a gifted pioneer in the medical intuitive space.


You will feel more connected to not only yourself but to others, your intuition will sky rocket, your understanding of yourself, others and the world around you will deepen to depths you never knew existed. You will feel calmer, lighter, more curious. You will let go of the struggles to understand why X happened or what Y means, because your new found insight will give you clarity. Your heart will open and you’ll begin to feel more you.