If you are feeling overwhelmed and drained by the world, it's time to go within and nourish your body and energy field with the

This powerful 20-minute meditation is the perfect daily practice to identify and release all energetic leaks, drains and attachments to the outside world. This guided meditation helps to maintain a healthy and thriving physical body, and a radiant and clear metaphysical body. 

  • Learn to identify energy leaks and attachments so you can clear them effectively




  • Get to know where you end and where the rest of the world begins




  • Feel nurtured, calm, and clear, with healthy boundaries in your everyday interactions and relationships

  • Support your physical health by eliminating energetic attachments that lead to disease




  • Build up your personal power on a daily basis









I recommend that you sit in a quiet place and listen to this guided meditation daily for best results.


Make this your sacred daily practice for healthy boundaries!

I discovered more about my lingering thyroid and gut health issues than I have in years of GP and specialist appointments


The shift was so huge I was shocked.



I can’t even put into words what happened, except to tell you I stepped out of the gutter and into my Goddess. Hear my heart yearn for yours to understand if you are in pain, or sick, or tired, or hurting, or sad, or scared - do this work with Emma Turton.


I can highly recommend Emma Turton's work - she is the real deal - the perfect balance of science and intuition all wrapped up in her professional qualifications... Emma is not just an extraordinary teacher - she is a world class Medical Intuitive. I know - she has seen right into my soul.



Emma Turton is a leading international Medical Intuitive who intuitively sees inside people and guides them to heal from within.


A rare combination of both health-science nerd and intuitive bad-ass, Emma sinks her teeth into the place where medicine and metaphysics meet. A sought after intuitive guide, body-to-soul translator and educational speaker, she is changing the game around health and spirituality.


The founder and director of Medical Intuition School, Emma teaches people how to use Medical Intuition as a compass for life, as well as teaching world-class Medical Intuition Practitioner training. Her mission is to awaken the world to the true nature of our human body: that the body is a tool for intuitive guidance and awakening, both for ourselves and in service to others. 


An international #1 bestselling author and award-winning university lecturer with 20+ years of clinical experience as a physiotherapist and nutrition coach under her belt, Emma is a potent channel for intuitive guidance who is set to change the global paradigm for health.

I've read so many books on the intersection between Science and Spirituality, but when I saw Emma Turton live I was blown away by the depth of her wisdom, passion and ability to communicate such a complex subject in such an easy-to-understand way.


Emma is a spiritual leader, a true master in her field, and a gifted pioneer in the medical intuitive space.

Kiara O’Leary, Divine Change Agent and host of ‘An Inspired Life’ podcast